The Author
Hello! My name is Donalyza Rilloraza Agaton, my friends call me either Dona or Pay (pie). I was born on June 21, living in Quezon City, Philippines with my parents and 1 sibling.

I’m a 100% Filipino and very proud to be one. I graduated from De La Salle University – College of Saint Benilde with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration majoring in Computer Application. I should have taken my master’s degree instead of working in a call center but I gave way to my brother who is taking up law. Recently I just resigned from my 6-year job as Member Care Specialist, due to lack of interest in that field. Currently I keep myself busy designing and developing websites because this is my passion.

I’m a dog lover. I have a shih tzu named Coby. He is already 8 years old and likes to eat vegetables than meat. My brother got a boxer. He named it as Arnulf, he just turned a year old last April 2010. Coby and Arnulf do not get along.

The Site

Donalyza.com was born on June 3, 2007. I started blogging since late of 2004 in Blogger then tried WordPress.com as well. WP let me playground with the design though it is limited when it comes to customizing the site. So I ventured my site into self-hosted WordPress. This time I felt like it is almost CMS type of program. I didn’t think twice and registered my own domain name.

What’s with the domain? Aside from it’s my real name I want to own a domain with my name on it because every time I have to sign up on something in the internet, it never fails me to have that name. The first time I registered with the name DONALYZA is my yahoo account, dated 10/19/1999.


This website is powered by WordPress and uses my own customized theme. Javascript fueled by jQuery, home-blog uses jCarousel, while twitter updates uses TipTip.

The header’s main menu uses Umbrage while the body are set in Copystruct, both loaded via CSS3 @font-face. I made use of several CSS3 skills, like border-radius, text-shadow, opacity and more. Therefore this website is best viewed on standard-supporting browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Made on a Macbook Pro with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Textmate, CSSEdit, and Transmit (FTP Client). While the site is sponsored host by Page.ph